Driving phobia

Yesterday was the first time I drove after that accident. Drove my colleague’s car to Coronation Plaza for lunch.

Seriously, I was abit scare while driving. I was worried that another double deck would collide with me again. There is this fear inside. The fear of my car’s backside being kissed again. The problem is, this is totally beyond my control. There is nothing I can do to prevent myself from being collided by another car. Perhaps its the lack of control that create this fear in me.

I think it will take some time before I can drive with the normal confidence that I used to have.

One lesson I’ve learnt from this accident is that a seatbelt is very important. Very very important. My car was stationary. I’m not sure what is the speed of the double deck bus when it bang into me. But it couldn’t be more than 40km/hr. But the impact is huge. My head was flung forward and pulled back by the seatbelt. If not for the seatbelt, I would have flew thru the windscreen.

My neck is much better now. Think would fully recover by Thursday.

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  1. holy cow just saw ur accident man. i’ve had plenty of “scratch” accidents (them hitting me) but not as serious as yours, more so a bus!

    but there’s really no avoiding a stupid driver man, even if you’re 500% careful. i totally agree with the seatbelt

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