Just need a simple approval

On of my colleague is on 1 year no pay leave. Her husband went to the states to do his master and she tagged along with her baby. As they were still busy settling down, she didn’t have time to log in the company email and her account was being lock due to long period of inactivity.

Usually, when our email was being locked, we need to call the helpdesk to reset the password. But as she is in USA, she send me an email and ask me to help her reset the password. I called the helpdesk and was told that I cannot reset her password on her behalf. She need to call in personally. If she can’t call in personally, we will need to get director’s approval to have the password reset.

So I drop my director an email and explain to her the whole situtation, asking for her approval.

But she didn’t want to approve. She told me to ask my colleague to call the helpdesk.

Call the helpdesk from USA? Using IDD? Can claim from company or not?

She is on no pay leave. Yet she wanted to login to company email to check work related issue. Instead of rewarding such an employee, you decide to punish her and force her make a IDD call back to Singapore just to have her password reset. As a director, you can save her the hassle by simply replying the email with 1 word – ‘Approved’. Just 1 word can save many people the trouble.

Stupid. Pure stupid.

But come to think of it…… why bother? Heck care lah. Anyway there is no requirement for her to check her email when on no pay leave. Just reset the password when she return from USA lor.

Which is going to be end of the year.

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