Not worth the hassle

Just discovered something lately.

If a car collide into your car and causes your car to collide into the car infront, the insurance company of the car behind you will only pay you 80% of the repair charges for the front damage. They will pay 100% for the back. But just 80% for the back.

What the hell.

If that SBS bus didn’t collide into me, I wouldn’t hit the car infront. Why is it the stupid insurance only pay 80% for the front damage? What kind of stupid law is that? Why should I be paying 20% of the front repair when the fault lies with that SBS bus? You mean I’m suppose to step on the brake hard so that my car won’t move when someone hit me behind? Try stopping your car from moving when a double deck bus hit you from behind.

Idiot. If I knew this, I would had scolded that stupid bus driver by the road side.

And I have to go thru all the hassle for this. Going to make police report. Fill in the long and complicated insurance claim form. And no car to use for this few weeks.

And the stupid number didn’t win 4D!

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  1. buy for another week
    this time round buy the exact and back numbers
    bcos u kana hit infront and back
    this week pls bet for me lah, i got instinct will come up
    remember…$10 big $10 small for each set of number for 3 days

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