Don't expect any help

I’ve learnt that I shouldn’t expect any help coming from my colleagues.

Was suppose to do some coding using jbuilder for the first time. My PC is a old model, with 1.6GHz processor and just 256mb RAM. Not really enough to run jbuilder. The program takes a long time to process every action I do.

Wanted to borrow my colleague’s PC when he was packing up and going home. His PC is alot faster than mine. But he refuse. I don’t know what secret emails or files he has in his PC. But seriously, I’m willing to swear using my blood that I’ll only use jbuilder on his PC and nothing else. I’ll do anything for a faster PC. But no.

Waiting for the admin to assign me a faster PC. In the meantime just bare with the lag.


There are 6 new PC that requries to be setup. I’m not on LAN Admin duty this month. But 1 of the LAN admin suggest that all 3 of us should do together so that each of us only need to setup 2 PC. I email them saying I’m busy and will join them later.

But I forgotten about it as I was busy. So instead of helping me to setup the 2 PC, they leave it one corner and drop me an email to remind me. How sweet.

It isn’t even my duty this month to begin with!


DK ah DK…… Don’t expect any help from anyone. You are on your own. Argh

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