Went to HR to view my new contract terms. Didn’t had the intention to sign already. Was thinking its time to move on to other challenges.

But I was pissed off when I was shown the new contract. The bonus was the same as previous year. OK, still acceptable, although I was expecting higher bonus this year. But the increment was the 1 that made my blood boil. It the lowest increment I’ve ever received during my 4 years at the company.

It is not that my performance is getting worst. In fact, I’ve been handling more and more complex task. I strongly believe I should be getting a higher increment and bonus than last year.

Walked out of HR feeling insulted. After all that I’ve done, this is the kind of increment I get. Pissed off. Abit regretted for not tearing the contract infront of the HR manager today.

If the company is unappreciative of my contributions, then fine…. I’ll go elsewhere…..


  1. Can neg the terms. But the changes will not be big.

    Anyway, I already intend to leave the company before going to HR. Its just that I feel they are unappreciative.

  2. welcome to the real world – dun expect AI to be substantially increased; bcos HR works on 3 – 5% of yr basic…so if i work backwards based on 4%, you shld be getting close to $2.4K now, correct?

  3. DK, dont give up without a fight.

    Walk in and re-neg everything, no matter what, it is far better than feeling like a discarded goods after its use. Even if they decided to give you what you want, that doesnt means that you have to accept. This is not about ego but about self-worth.

    You are worth more than that S$2.4k.

  4. Paddy: I will re-neg the terms. That is for sure. But I’m also quite sure that I will not renew. Yeap, its about self-worth.

    Anon: Haven’t.

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