Went for teambuilding today at Jurong Bird Park.

Don’t know about others, but I feel that its a waste of time.

Its interesting to see how some people react in these teambuilding activities.

There was this activity where each group were given plastic balls to throw into the baskets. There are 3 baskets of different distance. The furthest one is 5000 points, the middle one is 3000 points and the closest one is 1000 points. Balls that missed the target can be retrieved and re-thrown within the 3 minutes of gameplay.

Everyone was saying the 5000 point basket is hard to reach. In actual fact, the distance between the 3000 point basket and the 5000 point basket is less than 50cm. If they can reach the 3000 point basket, why can’t they reach the 5000 point basket? Half the battle is already lost when you keep saying you can’t reach the 5000 point basket. Its all in the mind.


  1. frankly, i hate teambuilding. it’s such a torture. some of the games can be so so silly. reminds me of high school campfire stuff. ugh.

    i just go through the motions and hope the day ends faster!

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