There are some thing money can't buy

In the past, I always thought that money can buy everything. But lately, I found something that money can’t buy.

A colleague asked me how much increment am I expecting. Before going to HR, I was expecting at least the same amount as I got last year. If they give me more, it would be better. But after looking at that new contract, I really don’t know how much I want now.

It is no longer about money now. The heart isn’t there anymore. Even if they give me $500 increment (which is impossible), I also wouldn’t have the heart to work anymore. The respect is no longer there. I can’t work for money only.

There are some thing money can’t buy.

Anyway, I’m going to get them to review the terms and give me a better terms. But the chances of me renewing my contract is very slim. My heart is already outside the company.

I’ll be unemployed in 35 days time.

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