First lesson of the semester

The school really know how to torture us by setting the first lesson of the semester on a Saturday afternoon. What a way to start the weekend.

And to make things worst, I discovered that my timetable was outdated and I ended up going to the wrong classroom. Luckily for me, there wasn’t any lesson conducted in that classroom, else I would had make a even bigger fool of myself. And even more luckily for me is that I got a friend who is in the same class as me.

Today’s lesson is for the project that I need to submit by end of the year. I’ve choosen a database project because I’m working with database everyday at my workplace. I hope I can score well for this project. Really need a good score after barely passing my Artificial Intelligence module.

I have 3 problem on hand now.

Firstly, revise on my relational database module which I had taken 3 years ago. I should had taken this project straight after my relational database module. Now…. how do I draw ER model and use SQL anywhere?

Second problem is to identify the scope of the project. How big I want it to be. If it is too big, my tutor will make me reduce the scope. If its too small, I will need to do all over again. But exactly how big is big? Different people have different definition of big. This is going to be something hard.

Lastly, I need to find a client for this project. The tutor said that I would be best if we have a real life client for this project. Else we might not be able to do something that is feasible for the real working world. I do agree with her way of saying. But the problem is, I need to finish the first proposal by early March. That is just one month. To make thing worst, Febuary is a very short month and mid Febuary is Chinese New Year. I need to find a client whom I can develope a database for his business within 1 month and write the first proposal. This is going to be tough.

Well….. one person come into my mind…. 😀

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