The Apprentice S6E1 – To Have and Have Not

I couldn’t believe I actually didn’t know that they started showing The Apprentice season 6 in the US already. And they already shown 4 episode already.

I wonder when will Singapore show this new season of The Apprentice. I think they are still showing season 5. Or has it just ended? Oh well, I’m glad I’ve downloaded season 5 and not wait for Mediacorpse. I think I’ll download season 6 too.

Oh ya, the whole of episode one can be seen on yahoo tv.

1 thing I like about The Apprentice is that there is always something to learn in each episode. Most of them are lessons in the business world. But sometimes, we do get life lesson as well.

**Spoiler ahead**


To Have and Have Not

The first task is to run a wash car for 4 hours. Whoever made the most money win.

Frank went to print flyers almost straight away. But they didn’t do a sign until much later.

Its impossible to distribute flyers to car when you are standing at the roadside. If you want to use flyers, you’ll have to distribute it at the carpark. But even so, is a flyer really required in this task? Its just a mere 4 hour task. You need to be fast in getting cars into the carwash. You need something fast, simple and effective.

Flyers is out. Sign is important.

But Frank’s team only lose by a mere $120. That is because Heidi’s team only concentrate on the basic carwash package. They didn’t try to sell the detail package which bring in more money. Heidi’s team is lucky. If the task last for another 1 hour, Frank’s team would had caught up with them.

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