How much are you expecting?

Had a talk with my teamlead today. He went to talk to my director and my director ask how much increment am I expecting.

Should I let her know that there are some things that money can’t buy?
Should I give her a sky high figure that the company cannot meet?
Or should I give her a figure that the company can meet, only to reject it when they agree.

Or should I just say I’m not interested in working in this place anymore.


  1. My suggestion is not to tell everything. Get the objective correct, and go for it.

    Sometimes saying too much not only will leave a bad lingering thoughts but may just turn things from bad to worse.

  2. better dun tell them that u dun wish to continue working for them. Wat if u decide to 吃回头草 one day? then it will become very ma lu for u wor…

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