5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I’ve been tagged by princess veron to write 5 things that you (most likely) didn’t know about me. So here goes….

1) I’m very poor at remembering name. Chances are, I would have forgotten about your name within 10 seconds after shaking hands with you.

2) I snore. Very loudly

3) I don’t take curry. But I eat curry puff.

4) I’m very blur. I always take longer time to really know what is happening around me.

5) I don’t dip chilli sauce or ketchup when eating french fries. I eat my fries plain. UNLESS you have tartar sauce, bbq sauce or mayonnaise.

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  1. 1) Same here, especially non-English names. I always have to ask people to repeat their names.

    2) I grind my teeth. Very loudly.

    4) At least you understood saboteur better than I did.

    5) Aiya how can you not eat fries with chili sauce? The two go together like a left sock and a right sock.

  2. veron, if you grind your teeth, it’s no good because u cld end up with a locked jaw or something one day, and even fractured teeth. you’re too stressed!!

    1) i forget names 5 seconds after i hear them
    2)i don’t even know if i snore or not.
    4)what if somebody pours cold water over you or somebody smacks your butt in public?
    5)what about curry sauce?

  3. Veron:
    1) Most likely I won’t ask the person to repeat his/her name. I’ll observe and see how others address them. 😛

    2) Tell you what. If ever there is a chalet or something, you sleep 1 corner and I sleep the other corner. Let the rest have surround sound! 😀

  4. Wah seh, how come all the persons you tagged are females..? At least thats what I tot from the names..

    So mine goes like this

    1) I don like animals. I mean I like to play with them but don ask me to take care of them. I will hate you for life if you do.

    2) I am a super light sleeper, will wake up at the tiniest bit of disturbance

    3) I still have 2 milk teeth, ask me and I shall show you. They are a little blackish but still working fine.

    4) I am very mischievous, though I look serious and distracted all the time. I love to play and I will go crazy when I play!

    5) Never dare me, I take them seriously and will take up your dares. Unless those that are too ridiculous or has evil intent.

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