That New Gal

Hey well, let me introduce myself, I’m EeLeen. Glad to have the opportunity to be responsible for creating blog entries on Decayonnet for 2 weeks time / less I guess…

Thanks DK!

About Me ~ So, as you know my name is EeLeen, I’m from Malaysia. I work as a graphic designer for the past 2 and a half year. Ok, I’m 23, going to be 24 soon. I’m a Chinese girl, of course!

So I will be celebrating Chinese New Year which is just around the corner like any of you out there.

I’m a sensitive & caring person but when I feel something is important, I’ll get my own way, especially to do with family! I’m a limewire with friends & family but reserved and shy with strangers.

I’m impossible because my mood swings are scary & while I give a lot, being a bit of a victim, I expect a lot back. I loath feeling like someone is taking advantage of me but to make matters worse, I’m more likely to seethe than be straight with them…

I’m evil, sarcastic, annoying, talkative, straight forward, materialistic! But has got an angel’s heart. More about me? Come back here soon!

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