Waste time DBA

Need to manually update a autonumber sequence in database. I think I’m the first person in the company who is trying to do it. Thinking that it is the DBA’s job to serve the request, I emailed the Data Base Administrator and ask them the process.

The DBA say they are not suppose to update the sequence due to audit requirment. He told me to raise a datapatch.

Somehow, I got a feeling that the datapatch job can’t update the sequence due to insufficient privilege. So I email the DBA the ID that datapatch job use to log into the database and check if that ID can update the sequence.

The DBA told me that the ID I send him is the job’s unix id. He ask me to send him the oracle ID.

Not knowing what is the oracle ID for the datapatch job, I went to ask around to see if anyone knows. Most of my colleagues told me to ask the DBA. Hahaha… Its the DBA asking me that question lor.

Finally, after much asking, I found the oracle ID and send to the DBA.

Few hours later, the DBA replied….

Pls try it in testing server and revert


What the hell. Waste my time go find the ID. Then tell me to test it out myself. Why did tell me earlier? If I need to test it out, then I don’t need to find out the ID. Just raise a request, pump in the data then see got error or not.

Argh….. stupid.

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