Remedial Training phrase 3

And so, I finished RT phase 2 today. IPPT still fail.
Promoted to phrase 3 now. No need go back Maju Camp. Just train myself.

Seriously speaking, the RT this time round is not as good as the one I had last year. We spend more time training last year. This year, we spend more time waiting. Can see that they are trying to give us more variety in the exercise. But more variety means more time to move from one place to another and more waiting.

I still prefer the old RT where there is less variety, less waiting and more workout.


IPPT can be a horror if there are a lot of people taking the test on the same day. I arrived late today, changed and got my number tag. Seeing so many people around, I found myself a corner and took a short nap. Woke up 2 hour with a stiff neck, numb backside and its still not my turn yet.

Next time, remember to bring pillow along.

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