Stop brainwashing me

Just increase the bloody GST as much as you like lah. Anyway the whole govt is controlled by your party. Whatever bill you want to pass down sure gets approved.

Spare my brain. Stop brainwashing me.

Keep seeing the newspaper with article of how good the economy is lately. Economy is good. But is it really as good as you all say?

They invited some people to the news studio to talk about how the 2% GST hike will impact different group of people. I was laughing when a speaker whom is representing the lower income group say there is not much impact. Who are you to represent the lower income group? How much is your annual income?

Strangely, all the invited speaker seems very happy with the budget. Where did they find those freaks anyway?

Just grab someone along the street and ask if he/she is happy with the GST hike.


  1. Those guys are idiots to put it crudely. GST no impact? Why not just jack it up to 70% then?

    These are the walking dumbasses that are roaming the land contributing only things that the master likes to hear.

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