Chinese New Year FAQ

Ok, we all know what is the FAQ for singles during Chinese New Year.

Q: “When are you getting married?”

1)”This kind of question is never ending one. Before I get married, you will ask when I getting married. When I got married, you will ask when I going to have children. When I have children, then you will ask when getting another and another.”
*Tries to divert the topic*

2) “Last time your elders also ask you such questions right? Then now you in turn come and ask our generations. But this kind of cycle is never ending. So maybe we should stop this from your generation onwards.”
*Tries to divert the topic*

3) “Getting married is not as easy as your generation that time. Need a lot of money. The wedding dinner itself is a killer. Last time can just setup 1 shelter by the roadside and have dinner. Nowadays, you choose restaurant some people also don’t want. Most want to go hotel nowadays. Where got so much money now? You sponsor? How much you willing to sponsor? I take note. Once I got enough sponsorship, I’ll send you the wedding invite.”
*Tries to divert the topic*

And so, I avoided yet another FAQ…… oh well….. next please….


  1. I also hate those FAQs. Even my father in law ask me this kind of question. 🙁

    I tell him to go and ask his son. Haha…

  2. Tell them that doctor say your body not conditioned to have baby now. Need to have more bird nest, shark fins, etc etc etc…..

    And must eat a few years before can have babies.


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