Du Shu De Liao

Really cannot tahan that family of big canon relatives I have. I don’t understand why they always want to show off. I’m actually fine if you have things to show off. But most of the time, its just big talks.

The most funny phrase I heard from them this Chinese New Year is “Fortune teller say my son is Du Shu De Liao”. (Good in studies)

I was trying very hard to control my laughter. That from someone who study 5 years in Secondary School, squeeze into a JC and end up didn’t get a seat in local University.

And seriously, his education level is still a mystery till this day. His family claims that he got Masters already. His mum say she wanted him to study psychology. Got some friends said that he claims that he got PHD already. Ya right.

Whatever it is, its confirm that he doesn’t have ‘Du Shu De Liao’.

Shit, forgot to ask them which fortune teller they go to. That guy confirm not accurate one.


  1. I have a relative who is probably made of the same material as yours. 2.5 months after her son when over to a UK University, she told my mum her son got 1st in class.

    Are there such thing as 1st in class after just 2.5 months in uni. What a joke.

  2. Different fortune tellers always tell different stories. So who to believe? hahahah

    Just go buy a book from them that said you got good luck and lotsa money this year.

    That is what I call an accurate fortune teller that gives what the customers want!

  3. I think he don’t dare to come to my house already. This is the 2nd year that he didn’t come my house on Chinese New Year. Can’t be every year CNY need to go back office restart server mah. His server so unstable meh?

    I’ll remember to ask him which Uni when I get to see him. His family say they don’t know which Uni lor. How could that be possible?

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