Not so busy week ahead

After 2 very busy week, the weeks ahead seem quite relaxed. I’m still going to be busy for quite some time, but its nothing compared to the 2 week grand slam that has just passed.

No more RT for now. But still, I need to do more exercise myself. Must keep reminding myself the 2007 resolution that I’ve made.

The error is more or less settled. I hope. The long term solution isn’t ready yet. But I’m not involved in the solutioning. I was involved in the short term solution while waiting for the long term solution to be tested and roll out to production sometime in mid march. So far, the short term solution that I’ve come up with my colleagues are working fine. Hope this can finally free me up for other task that I have on hand.

The error took up almost all my time in office that I’ve left out all other request on hand. I have 1 request that needs to begin testing on Thursday and I haven’t started on it. And there is another request that need to be in production this weekend. Also haven’t started. Well done. Think I’m going back to office later to settle them. Got this bad feeling that I won’t be given the chance to clear them tomorrow.

And I should get ready for the super big datapatch that I need to do at the end of the week.

I should concentrate on my studies too. One assignment is going to be due next monday. Should be able to finish them this weekend. Another assignment due next next monday. And my project’s first report due next next Wednesday. Good thing is, I’ve found a ‘client’ for the project. Bad news is, there seems to be a lot of things to be done.

One thing you like about those super busy week is that they make the next 2 weeks seems chicken feet.

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