Catching that popup

Did anyone see a popup advertisment when loading my blog?

I was wondering where did the popup come from. I didn’t add anything robustic lately. I suspect the popup came from this post. There is something fishy about the img file.

img src=”″ width=”460″ height=”120″ border=”0″

Why is there a .php? hmmm….

Anyway, I’ve changed the image. Instead of linking directly to the website for the image, I’ve downloaded the picture and uploaded it to blogger. Do let me know if you still see a popup.

Die popup…. die….. hahahaha….

slashmysearch is innocent. The popup still exists after removing the image.
Strange…. so where did the popup come from??


  1. Jason: I’ve changed the image. The previous image is this:-

    img src=”″ width=”460″ height=”120″ border=”0″

    look fishy right?

  2. I’m still getting popups.

    I don’t think it’s the img tag, .php is perfectly legitimate as image source. .php file can churn out images too, usually used for dynamic images like those graphical forum signatures, those which say whether you’re online or what you’re doing, etc in graphical format.

  3. Hmm.. I still got a pop up.
    My company blog used to have the same thing too but disappeared after a few days. Nothing changed to the settings nor HTML of the site but just dont know why it has those pop up all over the place.

  4. Yes, an ad pop-up after I visited your blog. Funny thing is that it seems to have inserted a cookie as it’ll only appear once. When I revisited your blog immediately again, the pop-up does not reappear.

    Think you may need to eliminate the suspicion in the following order: webstats4u, extreme and twitter.

  5. Oh no…. but I like webstats4u leh. They been good at tracking my daily hits…..

    They just started having popups huh? I’ve been using them for years already, never had popups until now.

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