Blogger withdrawal syndrome

I think I’m having blogger withdrawal syndrome.

For no reason, I couldn’t create new post on decayonnet for the whole day. When I click on the Create link, the page just won’t load. Keep trying a few times, still can’t. The strange thing is, I have no problem editing existing post or even posting on other blogs that I have on blogger.

I almost died when I couldn’t blog for the whole day.

At first I thought I got a spyware or virus. So I did a virus scan and also scan for spyware. None. Then I thought my IE is having problem. So I installed firefox to test out. Still cannot.

Finally, I decide to write to blogger helpdesk.

And surprisingly, few minutes after sending the error report, I tried creating new post again and succeed. HURRAY!!!!

Hmmmm…. is it a coincident that my blog is fixed a few minutes after sending out the error report? Or did the helpdesk respond to my error report at record timing?

Ok, blogger withdrawal syndrome is over. I can go to bed now. Gd nite. đŸ˜€