How many fence can we build?

The Singapore blogsphere was full of activities yesterday and today because of the leaked video clip of the Yishun and Admiralty MRT suicide. I’m not going to put the video up on my blog. If you want to see the video for yourself, you can go check out

When the video leaked out, I was expecting one group of people jumping at SMRT and blaming them for not building full height door on those station that is above the ground level. Yes, we can indeed prevent people from committing suicide at MRT station if we fence up all the station. Full stop.

BUT we can’t prevent the person from commit suicide. There are millions of ways to commit suicide. Just because people jump into MRT track, you campaign for full height door at all MRT station. Then if people jump down HDB building, are you going to campaign for fence at all HDB flats? Then if someone drink dettol to commit suicide, are you going to call for the ban of dettol?

I feel sorry for the person who is pushed to the edge in life and commit suicide. But building doors at all MRT station is not going to help them. There are other means for them to die. We can prevent them from committing suicide at MRT station. But how many fence can we build? How are we going to prevent the remaining 999,999 methods? We can’t.

The problem here is not that MRT station doesn’t have door to prevent people to jump down the track. The root of the problem here is that people who are desperate did not get the help they needed. These people are left behind by the society. Singapore is developing too fast. They can’t catch up. Govt say they will leave no one behind. But it seems that there are some people left behind. And there are more. Just that they haven’t reach the stage of desperation to commit suicide. We need to do something to help them. Go talk to your MP, ask them to stop wasting their time doing hip hop at Chingay and go do a walkaround at those one room and two room HDB estate. Don’t wait till elections then come wayang.

No point asking for MRT to build door for all stations. Its a waste of money and resource. Instead, use those money to help the needy. Solve the problem at the root.


  1. Why always blame govt…SMRT train
    just need to slowdown while approaching the station.Forget the
    gates or fencing ..very simple and practical solutions at no cost.No use talking just implement and see the results.

  2. But that is only going to prevent people from committing suicide at MRT station. Its not going to stop people from committing suicide.

    They can still jump off building, drink poison etc etc etc.

    The problem now is, why are there so many people committing suicide.

  3. I totally agree… I mean one can always find millions of ways to kill him/herself. I mean who would have thought someone could actually hide BELOW the platform. Even slowing down the SMRT train wouldn’t help.

    I agree with DK, nipping it in the bud is more feasible than looking for ways to prevent people from friggin jumping off the platform.

  4. i agree about the fence thingy that is absolutely a stupid idea. But then again, when people wanna commit suicide, we blame govt. why is that so? i think singapore govt is doing very good in handling this country.

    Its the people that need to think. They waste their teenage life and when they’re old enough, they start realising how left out they are in society thus commit suicide.

    These people just wanna gain attention of us gain sympathy of us by doing such act “suicide in mrt”.

    its totally despise by me.

    die in your own house- die alone.

    DONT DRAG OTHERS. cant they imagine, if children witness this suicidal?

    MRT suicidal deserve nothing but hell. and if they survive, jail is where they gonna end up.

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