The chimpanzees are closing the gap

Saw an interesting article at new scientist about chimpanzees hunting with spears.

WOW…. So we humans aren’t the only species on earth that uses tools.

Chimps were observed thrusting their spears into hollow trunks and branches with enough force to injure anything inside the holes, Pruetz’s research team says. The chimps used a “power grip” and made multiple downward stabs – much the same way as a human might wield a dagger.

Am I the only person feeling worried after reading this article? If they are intelligent enough to use a tool to hunt, they might evolve to what we are. Who knows, instead of China and India, we might be outsourcing our jobs to the chimpanzees in the future.

Imagine a chimpanzee doing Java programming. Same quality, but even cheaper. *Horror*


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