I don't know

Me is pissed again today at work.

I was ‘dragged’ into the error checking meeting again. I was already filled with things to do already, but no choice. Got to go. The checking went on till after office hours. As I have lesson today, I couldn’t stay too late. So I told them that I need to leave at around 6:30pm. (My knock off timing is actually 6pm)

The director ask me to get another guy from my team to come in take over my role. So I went over, told him that director wants him to go help check for errors. But he don’t want to go, saying he has no background information about the issue. And he don’t know this and that things that we are doing.

Feeling pissed, I just told him “Actually, I also don’t know the things that you mentioned” and I left for my lesson.

I hate it when people give the excuse “I don’t know”. If you were to tell me you are busy or need to leave office early, I won’t be pissed off. If you tell me you need someone to teach you, I’m more than happy to explain to you. Nobody is born into this work knowing how to do everything. You need learn. And the best way to learn is to do it. Just like you can never learn how to swim without going into the water.

And seriously, the things that he mentioned are things that I also don’t know before hand. But I went around asking people how some of the things work. It is common. The system is too big and complicated for anyone to know everything in details.

If “I don’t know” is a valid reason not to do things, then I think I can sit at my desk and shake leg everyday.


And just in case you are guessing who is the fellow, well…… no prize for guessing the right person.
Its him again…… the same person who didn’t restart the job, didn’t setup the laptop, anyhow promise deadline, didn’t inform us till last minute and arrow me to cover his meeting.

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