I can still go home myself no matter how drunk I am

Went for a drink with some colleagues after the boring company dinner. Maybe it was boring because we had the worst table location. Right behind a pillar. Or maybe because he is at my table too. Or maybe because it was a busy day.

Anyway, we head down to St James for a drink. I think I drank too much. Maybe because of stress lately. Or maybe not too good mood. At first it was still alright. Got quite high. In fact, never had this feeling for a long time already. I should had stop drinking when I got to that stage. But I didn’t. And the rest of the night was horrible. I puked in the toilet. I think this is the 4th time in my life that I puke after drinking.

Well, my colleagues didn’t know that I puked in the toilet. Anyway, they are also quite drunk already. So we went home. I shared a cab with 2 female colleagues living around my area. But seriously speaking, I couldn’t remember how I got up the cab. But 1 thing for sure, nobody helped me up the cab. And I slept in the cab.

So 1 colleague got off the cab at clementi. The other got off near my house. Left me alone. I don’t remember telling the taxi driver my street name. But I do remember directing him to my house. And I remember pointing left and telling him to turn right. And quickly correcting myself by saying “I mean this way”. And I manage to direct the driver to my carpark where I paid him. I don’t remember how much is the cab fare actually, but I do remember paying him and getting change.

Then I puke again at my void deck. After that, I took a lift, reach home and puke somemore at the toilet. Aaahh…..

Remind myself not to over drink next time. It would be a pleasant evening if I could stop drinking when I reached the high stage. Puking after drinking is very bad for the body. I’m still trying to recover from the damage I did to my body yesterday.

Anyway, I’ve proven yet again that I can go home on my own no matter how drunk I am.


  1. Thats why I never understand the phrase “drowning out your sorrows in alcohol” cos no matter how drunk you are, you are still conscious of whats happening, except that your body kinda reacts slower, or if you are dead drunk, your body just does not react the way you want them to..

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