Another Thinkpad battery recall

Lenovo is recalling 205k Thinkpad batteries made by Sanyo.

Wah…. if you recall, my thinkpad was using Sony battery and was affected by the previous Sony battery recall. They replaced my Sony battery with a Sanyo battery.

So when I heard the news that they are recalling Sanyo battery, the first thing that came to my mind was….. Am I affected again this time?

I mean, I don’t mind having my battery recalled. Its always good to have new battery. Furthermore, its all free of charge and they even deliver the battery to my doorstep.

So I checked Lenovo website and found this in their FAQ….

Q9. Is this recall related to the Sony battery recall?
A. No. The two recalls are unrelated.

Q10. I replaced a defective Sony battery in my notebook PC. Are any of the batteries shipped as Sony replacements being recalled?
A. No, none of the batteries we shipped as replacements in the Sony recall are affected by this recall.

Aiya…. no new replacement battery this time.

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