Global market flu

I didn’t really read much about the recent market crash. Was too busy with work everyday that I didn’t really bother much. I knew the investments that I had on hand will sure to take a beating. After all, the market crash is mainly cause by Shanghai. Nearly half of my investment is China related. The others should more or less be affected by China.

But I didn’t expect the impact to be so big. In total, I lost nearly $800 over just one week. Luckily, it was just paper lost. I’m glad that I’m not in need of cash lately. Else I would be in trouble. Look like I have to hold on to some of the funds even longer than I expected.

Which make me remember something that I read from “Why we want you to be rich”. Funds, shares, currency are not a good form of investment. You have totally no control of it. Take this week for example. For no reason, many people around the world made heavy losses…. and they didn’t do anything to cause that lost.

It is just not a good form of investment. Perhaps I should find a better form of investment.


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