Windows fails second virus test

I’m not surprised when I saw this article.

Microsoft’s Live OneCare security software has failed tests which check how well it spots and stops malicious programs designed to attack Windows.
OneCare was the only failure among 17 anti-virus programs tested by the AV Comparatives organisation.

Microsoft’s software only spotted 82.4% of the 500,000 viruses that the independent group subjected it to.

The test is the second in less than a month that Microsoft’s anti-virus software has failed.

Now… no wonder the Mac people are laughing.

But then, this is no laughing matter. There is another report that says that Mac users ‘still lax on security’

Apple makes great play of the fact that its OSX operating has yet to be attacked by a virus while Windows XP machines are plagued with problems.

Which is quite scary actually. I keep telling everyone that all it takes is for someone to find out how to write virus for MacOS and almost all Mac will be doomed. In the past, it seems to be meaningless writing virus for Mac as there are not many users. But as Mac get more and more popular, I won’t be surprised that hackers are already writing virus for Mac already.

Its just a matter of time…..


  1. hahaha,

    It really take a lot of gut to declare a software to be unhackable or the safest!!! By declaring being the safest software is like invite more hackers to crack open the stuff. It just another marketing gimmicks to get non-it savvy business owner to get the OS.

    To me, nothing can beat linux for serious server work! And linux version will be able to get a higher share of the pie for workstation in the next 10 or 15 years.

    Three cheers to linux!

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