Shaking event

Felt my office shaking just before lunchtime. It was quite scary. Felt a bit giddy. Not sure what happen. At first I thought I’m going to faint, maybe because not enough sleep or something. Then I notice my colleagues also felt the trembling.

Next question on our mind was…. what happened? First thing that come to my mind and some of my colleague’s mind was the building construction just across the road. Did the building collapse or something? Someone looked out and from his body language, we could tell that the construction next door is alright.

Could it be the construction affecting our building’s foundation? Could our building be another Hotel New World? Everyone was wondering what happen and what to do next.

I was having a discussion with my colleague at his desk. I left my handphone at my desk. After the tremble, the first thing that came to my mind is get my handphone and put inside my pocket. Just in case if the building really collapse and I survive, I can still call for help. Or at least play mp3 or games while waiting for help. Ok, I think too much already.

Everyone in office is wondering what to do next. The directors were deciding whether to evacuate everyone or not. As it is near lunch time, most people started leaving their desk for early lunch.

While waiting for the lift, we overheard someone saying our colleagues at HQ in CBD also felt the tremble. So it has nothing to do with the construction next door or our building’s foundation.

Then the next question. Is it an earthquake in Indonesia? I don’t know why, but somehow my creative thinking mind was wondering if it an earthquake or nuclear bomb explosion. Haha…. I was thinking, maybe one of the nuclear power launched a nuclear attack or test that causes huge trembling. Or worst, some terrorist got their hand on a nuclear bomb and set it off somewhere nearby.

OK, I think too much. It is really an earthquake in Indonesia. First time felt an earthquake. Quite scary…..

Our office tremble again after lunch. It was the aftershock. But this time I was in the toilet and didn’t felt it. The rest of my colleagues all felt the shaking.

Conclusion: The building foundation at our toilet is the strongest. hahahaha….

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