800 morons

The police and civil defence received about 800 calls today with regards to the trembling.

For F**K you call the police and civil defence? Did anyone commit a crime? Is anyone injured or sick? Do you need an ambulance or fire engine? Is your building going to collapse soon?

Is there anything that the police or civil defence can do to stop the tremble?

Wake up your bloody idea lah. What is the purpose of calling the police or civil defence? What if someone got a real emergency and couldn’t get thru the line?



  1. lol cool down DK!

    they just want to make the tax they pay worth it.

    they think mata very free, only help ppl change IC’s address or tok cock to dr chee… =P

  2. it might be rumbling. but it’s amazing how the news channels and the newspapers went on and on and on about the rumblings, pple’s reactions blah blah blah.

    i was wondering what happened to the real news.

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