Interesting earthquake experience

The earthquake was actually quite a funny experience.

A colleague who owns a car wanted to go to the carpark at the basement to drive his car out of the building asap, in case the building collapse. We were at the top floor. Told him that if the building really collapse, the top floor will be saved first, while the basement most likely last.

The first thing the admin clerk do is to call the building management. She wanted to report to them that they felt the building shaking. But the line was engaged.

I wanted to tell her that even if they were sleeping, they would had also felt the tremble.

Bump into a director from another dept while waiting for the lift. She jokingly told me that she need to rush down to her dept urgently to get her staff to evacuate if necessary.

I wanted to tell her that most likely her staff already got out of the building since their office is at the ground floor.

On our way to lunch, we jokingly said that must find a open air place for lunch. Ya, right.

Heard that some of the building at Raffles Place and Shenton Way evacuated the whole building. If you see the news, you would see videos of people at the ground floor of the building.

If the building is going to collapse, being at your office is much safer than being at the ground floor.

Our building management made the following announcement over the PA system shortly after the 2nd tremble.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, further trembles has been felt in the building. Please remain calm.

Ya, we all felt the trembling, unless you are in the toilet. So what is the purpose of the announcement?

Few hours later, another announcement was made

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, no further trembles were felt for the past few hours. Please continue your normal operation

You mean got people stop work because of the trembling?u

Was watching Channel News Asia’s website. Some viewers submitted video and CNA uploaded it to their webpage.

Wah paing!!!

Video of lights swaying, necklace swinging and water in fish tank moving also can submit to them and upload to their website.

Told my dad to shake his fish tank or the light so that I can take video of them shaking. Maybe can submit also.

The news reported that some schools send their students home after the 2nd tremble. Maybe they were afraid the building might collapse.

But hor, if the earthquake is strong enough to make the school building collapse, would the student’s home collapse too?

Both Police and The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) issued separate statement saying that there is no need to panic because our building can withstand trembles.

If you ask me, I only listen to the BCA for the obvious reason.


Did you see or hear any interesting earthquake experience? Come share share.


  1. interesting earthquake experience?

    I saw my friend’s wanton mee’s soup shaking. Think he was stirring it too violently. =P

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