Interview post mortem

Actually, I’m still not exactly sure if I want to take up that job if I’m selected. The primary job was kinda boring. But the secondary profile sound very interesting. The question is, how much time will I be spending on the secondary profile? It is unclear. Well, it will be a hard desision if I really get selected.

Anyway, the interview didn’t really go very smoothly. I was calm on the outside and 100% nervous on the inside. Anyone who knows me well will know that when I’m nervous, I’ll start talking non-stop and talking non-stop I did at the interview. So much so that at one point, I was wondering….. Why the heck did I say those things?

The interview was a good practice for me. It was a 2 way conversation. The 2 interviewers asking me questions and I asked them some questions too. But I feel that I should have asked more questions. Perhaps I was a bit nervous and scared that I might ask a question that sounded stupid.

I thing that I should look out in the future…. watch your choice of words.

Let see if I’ll be selected for this job. Then it will be another headache time.


  1. I tot the way of living shld be “U walk out ur own path” and not gather as many paths and decide which one to choose.

    Find it ironic. U are making ur life very complicated… and end up whatever decision u make, u’ll end up having some regrets.

  2. Well, there is no 1 “way of living” that everyone should live by. Right?

    I don’t think I’m making life any more complicated.

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