Killing the popup

I hate to do this, but I couldn’t stand the popup.

It took me quite a while to discover that is the webstat4u counter that is causing the popup. Which means I have to make a painful desision. To keep it with popup or to remove it. Webstat4u has been with me for as long as I was blogging. I already had it since my first blog. (Which I already forgotten the URL) It didn’t have any popup until recently. Oh crap. What is wrong with you guys? Its 2007 already. Popup is so 1997…..

I kept the webstat4u counter for a couple of weeks, hoping they would stop the popup. But how naive I was. So I have no choice to remove it.

Goodbye webstat4u. It was fun having you around….

So I’m now left with extreme tracking. I like extreme tracking a lot because it is able to show me the last 20 referrers url. Which is good for finding who has linked me. 🙂

But I miss the counter graph that webstat4u has. Extreme tracking has a graph, but it doesn’t look nice. Anyone got a nice web counter to recommend?


  1. i use
    like it! allows you to label ip addresses now, but i don’t see any use in it. graph’s pretty good though. (:

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