Middle of the night

Don’t know what is bothering me. I don’t even know if there is anything bothering me currently. Don’t know if I’m feeling happy or moody at this moment. Its a weird feeling….

But I don’t think I’m feeling moody now. I shouldn’t be cause there isn’t any reason to be. Then there is also no reason for me to be happy too. Its just some weird feeling inside me which I don’t know how to describe. Its some sort of emptiness feeling.

There seems to be something missing currently in my life. I just can figure out what exactly is it. And if I can’t figure out what exactly is it, how am I going to fight for it? And if I can’t fight for it, how do I get out of this feeling?

Oh crap… I should be sleeping instead.

Somehow, I got this feeling I’m going to have a hard time falling asleep tonight even though I’m tired.


  1. is it the loss in passion in what you do? I not sure about you, but i am feeling the same way and for me i think i loss my passion in my day job…

  2. You’re too young to have the mid life crisis. You’re not a woman to have PMS either.

    Hmm .. what can it be? *scratches your head*

    I think you could be stressed and thinking about something.

  3. Astroboy: I think maybe you are right. But luckily for you, you still have another job.

    Marina: I think its quarter life crisis.

  4. Hmmm… maybe its the feeling of emptiness or loneliness where you have a fix routine everyday, doing the same thing. Working day in day out, then going for class day in day out.

    Somehow, there is no spark of feeling along the way to perk you up?

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