Updating windows

There is a reason why I hate to update my windows.

The constant pop-up to remind you to restart your windows after updating.

I’m using my PC now. Can I don’t restart now? Can I wait till the next login to activate my new updates?

Pissed off by the constant bugging by Windows. There is no way to turn off that reminder. If you click restart later, it will pop up again every 10 to 20 minutes until you finally give in and restart your stupid windows.

I will restart when I want to restart. Stop bugging me!

Argh. How I wish I could switch to macOS.


  1. lol and the most irritating thing about the prompt is that it goes on top of your other windows and the default button is the restart now button.

    so say you’re typing a letter, and this window pops up and you just so happen to be typing a space bar… i think you can say goodbye to your letter. 😛

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