waste of paper

Went AMK hub for lunch today. Can’t really remember the name of the place. Wow noodles or something. Its just opposite New York New York.

It is one of those “go counter order food and they will send to you” pattern. The problem is, there is only 1 counter. And the cashier taking order is quite blur type, thus jamming up the whole place and creating a queue. (And you always thought that the queue is because the food is good)

Putting that aside, there is something seriously wrong with their process. When you ordered your food and pay up, the point of sales system will print out 2 receipt for you. One in Chinese and one in English. Why the heck do I need 2 piece of receipt? Can you just print a Chinese receipt or a English receipt? Or combine both language on 1 piece of receipt. Why the need for 2 piece of receipt?


Most restaurant make their point of sales device also print another order item list using the printer located at the kitchen. This is for the cook to see what food to prepare. Since the kitchen and cashier is usually separated by a wall, I guess this is a good method of passing message. Although I would prefer a more environmental friendly method like using monitor to show the order items.

I guess this restaurant is also doing the same thing. In addition, they also have another printer at the drink counter to print the drink orders. The staff at the drink counter will prepare the drinks based on the printed drink list. The only problem with this is…… The drink counter is just next to the cashier. In fact, the printer for the drink order is just next to the cashier’s monitor.

Why the need to print the drink orders? Why can’t the cashier just tell the other staff what drinks to prepare?

What a waste of paper…..


  1. i agree with everything else you say except the drinks order chit part.

    unlike in coffeeshops, drinks at these sort of places are usually more fancy and slower to make.

    by having an order chit, even if it’s just beside the cashier, the barista will know what he has to make without having to ask.

    if he forgets, then he’d have to ask again and again. now THAT would be chaotic especially during a time as busy as when you visited them.

    skali the cashier also forgets, lagi jialat. then there’d be chaos with the patrons.

    also, the order chit helps the servers as well. once the barista has prepared the drinks, he only needs to serve them together with the order chit which states which table number the servers should serve them to.

  2. I forgot to mention that the drinks they serve are those simple drinks like soft drinks, green tea and barley. No complicated drinks like cafe mocha or stuff.

    The staff is able to prepare the drinks on the spot and customer takes the drinks to their table by themselves.

    And furthermore, there is only 1 cashier. So the drink counter will not be overcrowded with drink orders.

  3. i think your idea about having a monitor is good. it saves paper and it’s convenient. can see which is the one that you’ve already prepared etc. mayb if touch screen also better (sia la, so hi-tech), then the chefs or whoever can juz delete e order or file it somewhere else, won’t mix up…

    often, these companies want to have everything that they can possibly have. so if they can afford it, they’ll buy the machine, whether or not it is necessary. it’s about how it looks.

  4. ok right… . so perhaps tstar is right. since they can afford to keep up with the joneses irregardless of how dumb their cashier is, that’s exactly what they did.

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