Wireless what sg?

It has been 4 months since we have been promised free wifi across Singapore. But the wireless@sg is not as smooth sailing as the media reported. Not many new hotspot has been setup. Those major hotspot are not ready yet. Most of the wireless@sg point you see are existing hotspot that used to charge money, now changed to free.

Being free has a price to pay. Free means more people are accessing, resulting in slowness and more downtime.

Its not that I’m very far from the access point. My signal bar is half full. Yet I get disconnected frequently. And even when I’m connected, it doesn’t mean that I can surf the net. Sometimes I’m just connected to the network but not to internet.

Its frustrating. Why the heck am I still paying $10 a month for such unreliable service? The Singnet hotspot used to be quite reliable before wireless@sg era. I don’t remember having problems. Now that it become wireless@sg, it became problematic.

Why is paying customer sharing the same router as non-paying customer? How can Singnet ensure that paying customer get faster download speed? Why should paying customer suffer when the network is congested with non paying customer? Shouldn’t paying customer get priority?

I think I’m going to cancel my wireless@sg plus subscription for sure. Wireless what sg? Its all overhype. Too many people access, too little bandwidth. End up you get tons of wireless access point but none able to get you online. I wonder how will our neighbour do with their Wimax implementation.

Malaysia’s telecoms regulator has named four newcomers as winners of Wimax wireless high speed internet licences.
The winning bidders were Bizsurf Sdn Bhd, MIB Comm Sdn Bhd, Redtone-CNX Broadband Sdn Bhd and Asiaspace Dotcom Sdn Bhd.

The firms are expected to invest up to 300 million ringgit ($85.7m; £43.9m) within the service’s first three years.

Hope their coverage at JB is wide enough that it can cover some parts of Singapore too.

I’m actually eyeing at M1 broadband. The cheapest plan is at $22 at month. Hmmm… worth considering….


  1. What I don’t like about the M1 Broadband plan is regardless the speed, you only get 5GB free data bundle. And, 384kbps is kinda slow. That’s our 3G speed when surfing the web using the phone. Think I’ll still be frustrated at the $22 plan.

  2. Yeap, the 5gb limit is a big turn off. And the stupid thing is, no matter how much you are willing to pay, you are still tied with the 5gb limit.

    But still, 5gb is quite a lot for outdoor surfing.

    384kb is actually fine to me. Afterall, sometimes you get much slower speed on wireless@sg.

  3. i was surfing on wireless@sg on my o2 phone just now. after like 5 mins, the prompt says that i cannot renew dhcp

    i login again, can use for like 5 mins, then the prompt came up again. cheh..

    give up…

  4. Typical ISPs have bandwidth managers in their system that prioritises traffic according to classes. Premium customers get higher priority bandwidth, lower classes (or non-paying) have to share whatever is left. That’s the harsh reality of life.

    The problems some of you face could be due to any reason; too many users logged on to a particular hotspot, low bandwidth backhaul to the internet exchange, too far from the Wireless@SG AP, interference from other 2.4GHz radiating equipment(that includes microwave ovens, cordless phones and even blutooth devices).

    But generally tend to agree with you guys. The service providers i.e. SingTel, iCell and QMax should do something about at least backhaul bandwith and AP density in a given hotspot. I believe IDA does impose certain service level criteria on these providers. But then, to be fair, these guys are also scambling to deploy the full 5,000 hotspots by the end of the year. There is only 6 months left and 3000 more to go.

    My take is that the service levels are not great. Give them time to settle down and I am sure that they will try to resolve some of these issues and the service levels will gradually improve.

    Note: I am in no way affiliated to any of these organisations. Just an interested observer and user too.

  5. John: I think the problem is too many people logging on to a hotspot.

    I’m fine if those not paying have problem accessing internet. But the problem is, I am paying and I also got problem logging into internet. Which I think is unacceptable.

    Before Wireless@sg, I never had any problem access Singtel’s hotspot. I was one of the happy paying customer.

    Anyway, I’ve canceled my subscription. Now I’m using wireless@sg for free.

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