Not my type of retirement

Recently, I begin labeling some of my colleagues as people with “Retiree Mentality” (RM). These are people who are in the company waiting for retirement. They are unwilling to put in extra effort, go by the books and unwilling to take up changes.

People with RM in my company are all perm staff. They are always scare of doing things that has never been done. They follow the rule book and unwilling to make slight changes for special cases. They don’t know a lot of things and are unwilling to learn. They don’t want to do too much as doing too much means more chances of making errors. They are afraid to make mistakes. They are just there waiting for time to pass and waiting for their retirement.

There are many characteristic of a RM person. These are just few of them. And sad to say, some of the RM people in my company are holding high position like Directors and Team Lead.

This is not my type of retirement. I don’t want to find a secure job and work till I’m too old to work. I want to be rich enough to stop working before I reach the retirement age. I want to get out of the rat race, to earn enough passive income to pay my bills and have enough to live a good life. Its not easy to reach that stage, but not impossible.

But I’m not heading towards that direction. In fact, I don’t even know what direction am I heading. But I know it’s the wrong way.

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  1. So what are you going to do about it? cannot just rant orh! Must take action. You’re so young, can take risks. Fall down, pick yourself up and cheong again. If I a woman can do it, you aso can.

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