Which university did you graduate from?

Continue to help setup the new PC for some of the colleagues who are on leave on Friday.

So as usual, I connect the new PC to a network point, help my colleague map to the shared drive and ask them to copy their data to the new PC.

Then one colleague asked me this question:

“So I copy everything in C drive to the new PC C drive huh?”

WTF….. For goodness sake, if this question is being asked by someone with non-IT degree, I can still understand. But this fellow has an IT degree. Does he has any basic IT knowledge? You just need to copy your data over. Your software need to be reinstalled onto the new PC manually. It will not work if you just copy your program folder over to the new PC. This is basic IT knowledge that even non-IT people would know. Does he really have a IT degree or is it bought online?

And my reply to him was:

“Which university did you graduate from?”


Few hours later, another colleague walked pass me and saw me setting up PC for other colleague. He came over and had a short chat with me. He said that being a LAN admin in a IT dept is actually quite an easy job since everyone here has a IT diploma or degree.

I told him that story and both of us laughed for 5 seconds before continuing our work.


I know, I sound rude. No matter how stupid the question is, I shouldn’t be insulting the person by asking him which University he grad from.

But it is the same person who didn’t restart the job, didn’t setup the laptop, anyhow promise deadline, didn’t inform us till last minute, arrow me to cover his meeting and give excuse saying he don’t know.

I think heaven will forgive me for being so rude.


  1. oh man, he must have felt damn hurt…

    but then, a lot of the times it’s the “worker” that get the works done, not the “thinker”.

  2. Haha…I thought you should have given the guy a break…until you mentioned that it’s that problematic guy…

    He deserves it.

  3. eastcoastlife: OK, I overestimated the timing. Maybe 1 or 2seconds only. But we sure laugh quite hard. 😛

    gizmore: Nope. He really meant copy the software from old pc to new pc.

  4. Don’t blame him.
    new pcs have no carry no such thing.
    And even in the U they never teach the skill, called GHOSTING

    aka..Discopy or XCOPY32 /f /all

    heh heh heh
    Old timer die hard

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