the LITTLE red book

Everyone was given a copy of the event booklet called “the LITTLE red book (Future Edition)” at Nexus.

There is nothing wrong with my camera. That is really the colour of the LITTLE ‘red’ book. For a moment, I thought I had colour blind. Until I confirmed with the rest of the gang that it isn’t red in colour. More of maroon colour.

Another thing….. do you know that the little red book is actually rather communist. The quotations from Chairman Mao is also refered as the little red book.

Imagine a gathering of 500 people, with a big banner saying “Leading in times of disruptive change”. And everyone has the little red book with them.

I’m surprised that the ISD didn’t arrest all of us yesterday.


  1. yeah, that’s what i thought about the little red book and its connection with communist history.

    but it’s all cool. i’m sure it’s just some promotional gimmick for that extra impact.

  2. Peter: which little red book are you referring to?

    I’m referring to “Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong”. Don’t see that book in the Amazon link you gave.

    I’m glad that the end product is “Red” instead of black.

  3. I know the little red book you are referring to, there was “the little red book” in mao’s era, but the meaning of “the little red book” has expended its meaning ever since, no more communist root 🙂

  4. Not really.

    Yes, there are several books using the title “The little red book” which has no connection with communist. But still, when someone said “The little read book”, everyone would think that he is referring to the book written by Chairman Mao.

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