We are still ISO certified

The external auditors came and left on Friday. She didn’t manage to find any reason to tear away our ISO cert. I’m pleased to announce that our company is still ISO certified. 🙂

(PS: This lorry doesn’t belong to my company)

I always wonder, what does it mean to be ISO certified. So what if a company is ISO certified? And so what if it is not? What difference does it make? Would you stop using a company’s product if it is not ISO certified? Would you specially go check if a company is ISO certified?

If the company has a good process, it doesn’t matter if you are ISO certified or not. So why is everyone chasing that status? Just like why is everyone going outsourcing when reports says that most company didn’t see any savings in outsourcing.

And its irony that I’ve been assigned the ISO coordinator for my team. To me, being ISO certified means nothing. Its just a nice status that you can print at the back of your company’s lorry.

Actually, its easy to pass ISO. You just need 2 tools…..

… and 3 skills. 无中生有, 人间蒸发 and 前昆大挪移.

After 2 years of being ISO coordinator, I think I’ve mastered the skill already.


  1. I also can’t quite understand why do organizations go after ISO. It’s like, even my army unit also had that lor! So, with an ISO logo then ppl trust our army?

    I also been thru a few audition. My case I need more high tech tools like a image editing software and of cos printer.

  2. ermmm…you missed out the needs for a shredder

    Also, it should read 乾坤大挪移,you also need to master 移花接木 & 只手遮天
    for succesful ISO audit.

  3. Anon: issit? Don’t know leh. So far no body said anything about it.

    Anyway, its a IT audit. I guess they more concern about the process.

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