What was he thinking?

Our team has been sharing one login account to 1 of the system. The person who owns the login id has resigned for quite some time, but we didn’t unregister his id until recently.

So another colleague went to apply for an id to share among the whole team. When he got his id, he mass mail to the team to inform everyone the user id and password.

When I look at the to list, something seems to be wrong. The number of recipient seem abit too little. We have 10 people in our team…. but there are only 7 people in the recipient list.

I don’t know why was he thinking. The easiest way to mass mail everyone is to take an email from our teamlead copy the list of recipient. Our teamlead always mass mail to the whole team to inform us important stuff. If he use our teamlead’s email as a guide, he won’t miss out anyone. Simple thing like that also can make mistake.

And one look you know that the number doesn’t tally. The list is too short, its obvious that someone is missing. And he didn’t even bother to do a quick count to see if he missed out anyone. What the heck was he thinking?

Oh, no need to guess…. it is our fave guy again…..


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