Which company are you from?

I’ve lost count the number times that someone ask me about the company I’m working with during Nexus.

Seriously speaking, I’m not very comfortable revealing my company name. Firstly, I’m attending Nexus as an individual. I do not represent my company nor do my company know that I’m attending. I paid the $15 registration fee myself.

And I’m beginning to more and more dislike my company, its policies and its staff each day. Somehow, I don’t want to be anyway linked to my company at the event.

While browsing thru the attendee list, I found a number of people from my company. I don’t know them. But I check the outlook addressbook and found that they are mostly director or manager level.

I feel quite uneasy when people ask me about where I’m working at. As much as possible, I tried to move away from such topics. Lets hope that next year I’ll be in a company where I feel comfortable revealing its name to everyone.


  1. I’ve lost touched with serveral programming languages. Will need to refer to the reference book if I need to program.

    You still finding partners for your internet retailing stuff?

  2. well, you can talk to me if you are so keen to join an upstart, no pay though…….Me also not drawing salary

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