Slogging at work

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy at work lately when I should be busy with my assignment.

Left office on Thursday at 11 plus and went hunting for dinner. Went straight to bed after reaching home. Haven’t been so tired before.

I’ve been slogging at work lately. Sometimes wonder why am I working so hard when my pay is still so low.

Saw Cobalt Paladin’s twitter message today morning.

It seems like everyone is slogging at work.
The only difference is…..

I’m slogging for someone’s business
He is slogging for his own business.

Sometimes, I wish I could slog for my own business. At least at the end of the day, its my business.

Or even better, get someone to slog for my own business.


  1. Actually, we are all working for someone. All my clients are my bosses. I also work hard to make sure my employees get paid on time. I’m responsible for them and for my family.

    We are all slogging for someone. It is just a matter of perspective. 🙂

  2. But most importantly must be happy with what you are doing. Life is really really short if you look back .. very quickly 1, 2 months passed. 1, 2 years passed.

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