They are planning to build a giant toilet bowl

They are planning to build a giant toilet bowl at the Kallang Basin. Yes. A giant toilet bowl as a stadium.

This is not an April Fool joke. Its already 2nd April.

This is for real. Read the news article. Or read the date. It was reported on 29 March. Not April fool joke. Good thing is, its just a proposal. Not final yet.

They call it horse shoe shaped. But I think most people knows a toilet bowl when they see one.

Imagine, going to the toilet bowl to watch NDP.


  1. why do they keep coming up with these quirky designs for singapore huh?

    durian lah, what lah… wah lau…

  2. I suggest they build one looking like the male organ for Prime Minister’s Office. His office will be right at the tip. Of course it has to be named as The Pe**s…. hohoho…. local dialect sounds better, right?

    You’ve been tagged – yah! hehehe…. read my latest post for details.

    You have so many blogger frenz, it would be FUN!

  3. are they going to stage ndp there or at marina bay? that floating stage thingie outside marina square…

    anyway if they have ndp at the proposed stadium, when they shoot fireworks it must be like flushing toilet.

  4. It is a stupid and ugly design. What’s this thing about having a sea view? If wanna design at least make it more futuristics look and not some crap bowl with ‘green’ color all over the place.

    Looks like a crap bowl with fungus.

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