Negative attitude

Someone commented that I have a very negative attitude lately. I was very puzzled by his comment. Me negative attitude?

Well, what happen is that there are quite a few unfair things happening at work place lately, and I’ve been making a joke out of it. I mean, its beyond my control. And since it is so unfair, why not just make a joke out of it, laugh and let it pass. But the person feels that I’m having a negative attitude about the event because I keep bringing up the issue. But I bring up the issue as a joke.

Well… in the first place, what is wrong with having negative attitude towards the event? It is so unfair to us. Why can’t we be unhappy over it?

And I’m not being unhappy over it. I’m just making a joke out of it and having a good laugh over it. If someone can make a joke out of the whole issue, is his attitude towards it still negative?

I am puzzled. Anyway, will not make a joke out of it anymore. Else wait people say I negative attitude again.


  1. I guess it’s how you deal with it. For me I learn that positive attitude is not only how you deal with it. Joking about it is juz the start, I guess it is how you deal with it. I believe that making changes about the situation would be a more positive attitude, yes? Life itsef is unfair, it is how we deal with it.

    Making a joke out of it to me juz means you can take the negative things gracefully, the follow up would be what you do to improve it.

    Now, I do not know what is going on so I cannot judge and I do not have to. I believe everyone is a judge to their ownself and the best one at that. A lot of things cannot be controlled I agreed with that but we do have a choice even when we have no choice. To accept things as they come or to make a difference.

    This is how I feel. πŸ™‚

  2. this is your outlet, so i guess you shouldn’t be letting other people’s opinions dictate how you must behave.

    we’re just some random folks hovering from the outside looking in. we shouldn’t matter.

  3. icedoom: Thx for the advice. Well, the issue is too big for me to take any action to change it. Anyway, I’ve already lost heart in the company. Think I’ll just let it be ba.

    goat: the person was refering to real life. Not my blog. πŸ™‚

    chio chio de aunty: Huh? what else did she say?

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