Something telling me it might be you

Been formatting PC for the whole day in office.

Like I mentioned, it’s really a no brainer job. Just time consuming as there are quite a number of steps to do.

Everything went on smoothly until one of the PC prompt me for password when I turn on the power. Argh. Someone set the bootup password and never remove it.

The problem is, I didn’t label the PC when they return it to me. So I don’t know exactly which PC belongs to who. Most people in my company don’t put a bootup password cause we already need a login password in order to login to the company network domain. I do know a few colleagues who set bootup password. But they removed it before giving the PC to me for formatting. They knew that I can’t format the PC if there is a bootup password. So they auto remove it by themselves. Everyone did that except one fellow.

Damn… I should had made them label their PC. Now I need to hunt for the owner of that PC. Maybe I should just ask the 20 person 1 by 1 to see who has bootup password which they forgot to disable.

Suddenly for no reason, a song came into my mind…. it goes something like this….

Something’s telling me it might be you
Yeah, it’s telling me it must be you
And I’m feeling it’ll just be you

And yeap… it’s really you…..


  1. omggg. what do you call this. scary coincedence? i was listening to the song when i came to your blog. it’s it might be you by stephen bishop.

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