Casey Serin –

I’m not sure if you heard of Casey Serin before. I bump into a video about him on youtube and did a google on him. Found a wikipedia page on him
and his story. Wow 2.2 million debt…. 1 hell of a mess.

Anyway, here is the video that introduced me to him. Quite an interesting video, many lesson to take home from it. Do watch if you have 45 minutes.

Oh ya, do check out his blog. I believe this guy will make a comeback fast and strong….


  1. 45 minutes of watching Kiyosaki? Who wants to do that? Just start here, with send Casey Serin to Prison. To learn more, read Casey Serin, Foreclosed and Exposed. You’ll need some comic relief, so Casey Serin Jokes are in order. Then you’ll have to go toCasey Serin’s Ridiculous “Live Chat”. “Where is Casey’s wife in all this?” you must be asking, so you’ll want to peruse Send Galina Serin to Prison. You will then be frustrated, thinking Did Casey Serin Ever Intend to Repay His Dubious Loans?. And as this thought occurs, you will learn that Casey Serin Begs his Haters for Online Dollars. “Wow. This guy must really be a con artist,” you say to yourself, and need to read Defining “Intent”. More comic relief is in order now, so you’ll feel very much in the know with Mocking Casey Serin On YouTube. But, oh, Casey Serin just did another national media outlet! Check out Suze Orman Shows Her Ass. Casey Serin is now showing up in random places, like Casey Serin: The Human Zoo. By this point, you will feel compelled to take action. The place for this is “The Casey Serin Project”. Just when you think it can’t get worse, you learn that there are Even More Casey Serin Companies, providing days worth of
    fodder for junior detectives everywhere. This whole generation is fucked, you will conclude, and find yourself emailing Bringing Up Baby: True Tales of Generation layZee to everyone you know.

  2. This kid Casey Serin is getting some incredible blog traffic. With these stats, he might be able to make a living off his blogs.

    He’s young and good looking, too. Pretty soon we may be seeing him on “Dancing with the Stars”


    So I guess we all know what is in the never-left-behind murse, now:

    I’d guess it’s a .38 special and $258,312.79 of ill-gotten proceeds, hmmm?

    That’s enough for you to keep the fun blog story going and as Galina says, “pull money out of your butt” for a long time further.

    BTW, I could care less if you mod this post, because it is also going to be cross posted to every Casey Haterz™ site anyway, so you posting it and also replying to it here is probably your best bet. But you never take good advice anyway, so you likely will ignore that , too.

    I sure hope a Russian friend doesn’t decide that they are a bit hungrier, low key, and more physical than you, and go for the murse.

    ASW: craziness, indeed!

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