No U-turn syndrome

I went back to office yesterday to do some LAN admin stuff. Yes, good friday morning. Sianz.

Anyway, I drove my dad’s car to office since he is not working. Reach office around 9am in the morning. I didn’t want to drive to the underground carpark since it would cost me 50 cent per 1/2 hour. Instead. I turn my car to the pick up shelter infront of the lift lobby where there are 6 parking lots.

Those parking lots are meant for cars waiting to pick up people. But since its a public holiday morning, I suppose you won’t have any cars coming in to pickup people.

After parking my car, I walk towards the lift lobby. One of the security guard walk towards me and told me not to park my car there. I ask why, she just say she will get into trouble if someone see it. Then she told me to park my car at the back of the building, at the loading and unloading goods area.

The pick up point is easily visible from the main gate. The loading and unloading area is behind the building, so nobody can see it. But the question is, what trouble will she get if I park my car at the pickup point?

There are 6 parking lot there. Un-used and will not be used for the whole day since its a public holiday. Why can’t I park my car there? I’m not blocking the way or anything. And who will come inspect the area on a public holiday morning?

I tried asking the security what trouble she will get, and from who. She didn’t reply, just told me to move my car to the loading area. Seeing that there is no point arguing with her, I move the car to the loading and unloading area and walked a longer distance to the lift lobby. Deep down inside, I was thinking about this No U-turn syndrome mentioned by Sim Wong Hoo.

How will Singapore progress if everyone have this No U-turn syndrome drilled into their head? Inventions are created by crazy people who dare to dream. We dare to dream, but nobody dare to be crazy.

Its early morning on a public holiday. There will most likely be nobody else coming to office. And even if they do, there are 5 other lots for them to wait. And nobody will come and inspect you on a morning like this. So why scare? Why worry?

Why must we only make a U-turn when someone say you can?

And to add on to that, I would also like to say that if it is the CEO or some big shot, the security guard would let him park anywhere he like. EVEN if it is blocking the road.

Just like what Chow Yun Fat said…. “Welcome to Singapore”


  1. Sometimes cannot blame these little people mah! With layers of people who rank above her, she only has to obey instructions.

    But I find the incident at the airport too much liao! The one where the airport contracted security police made a family suffered for saying the word ‘bomb’ twice.

    tsk, tsk, tsk….. Welcome to Singapore! hehe….

  2. I’ve been wanting to write about the airport incident. Maybe I’ll do another entry on it tonight.

    The airport incident isn’t really a no u-turn syndrome. Its more of some smart alex management who didn’t know what is happening in real life.

    Where got terrorist say the word ‘Bomb’ twice?

  3. i think many of us are programmed since young that the road is straight…there is only one way….
    yes, there can be side roads or even u-turns but we turn blind to them

    becos of fear….”dont get me into trouble”

  4. Hi DK,

    I blog hoped from ECL. Why are you banging your head on your keyboard? Hehe…

    Following the little “fiasco” by Sim WH – he seems to be able to get away with murder, unlike Catherine Lim – didn’t the gahmen go on to adopt a different stance? If my memories serve, former SM Goh were reported to have said, “Now we will give greater room for experimentation. Increasingly, it will be ‘everything is allowed unless we say it is not’…well, almost everything”. Does this mean that “silence” is an “endorsement” by the gahmen?

    Like our good Lord, the gahmen do allow U-Turns; sometimes, illegal ones. LOL

  5. Chris: appearantly, the “no u-turn unless I say can” thingy has been drilled so hard into most people brain that its hard to change. Even when the govt announce that you can do anything, people are still scare of trying out new things.

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