Shirlyn's Newfound Jealousy

Ok, let me say this…. 12 hours ago, I have no idea who Shirlyn Tan is. It was only when someone mentioned The unXpected when I know its the band that plays at wala wala. I heard about them but haven’t got the chance to listen to them live.

So I went for this impromptu gathering with uzyn and his brother to watch Shirlyn’s album launch concert at the Esplanade outdoor theater. Ridz said he will be joining us too, but he was late. So late that the performance end before he arrived. Well, at least we did meet up for coffee after the performance.

The performance was great. You have to be there to experience it. I fell in love for her music on the spot. And I bought the CD on the spot. Its selling at $15. That’s very cheap for a CD even though its local production.

The CD case is very simple. Its like an envelope with the CD and few pieces of paper with the lyrics. Kinda like the design.

The only thing I don’t like about the cover is that it cannot be closed. There is nothing to hold down the cover. I’m left with no choice but to use a pen knife to cut a line so that it can hold down the cover. Ouch.

Convert the CD to MP3 as soon as I turn on my laptop. Then I transfered the songs to my K800i so that I can listen to it on the go. No, I’m not sending the MP3 to others. Come on, the CD is just $15, go buy it yourself and support local artist.

So far, my fave song is Snow (Track 4). I remember Shirlyn saying that song was written for someone during the performance, but I couldn’t catch the name of the person. Oh well…

Somewhere in the crowd I heard him calling me
Somewhere in the crowd I heard him calling me
Somewhere in the crowd I heard him calling me

Go get the CD. Great voice, nice song.


  1. Hi! Thank you for listening to my songs, I hope you enjoy the tracks! Is it ok for me to link this entry on my band blog? I’d like to suggest to people how they can close the CD case, as you have so cleverly done! 🙂

  2. Shirlyn: Yes, I enjoyed all the tracks in the CD. Esp Snow and Newfound Jealousy. Great songs.

    Sure, feel free to link to this entry.

  3. Thank you for supporting local talent, esp my Sis’

    The song Snow was inspired after she met the lead from Snow Patrol at Bangkok Music Festival.

    I like no5. couldn’t we try

  4. ah tiong: Thx for the info. Yeap, track 5 also quite nice. But my personal fave is still ‘Snow’. Don’t know why. 😛

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