Super inflation downstairs

Went to visit my Grandma and Mum’s grave today. It the Qing Ming and according to tradition, we have to go sweep the tomb. Well, not with broom lah.

Actually, there isn’t much cleanup required. The grass has been nicely maintained and the area is quite clean. We do have to pay the person $40 per year to maintain the grass. Heard from my uncle that every year the govt told us not to pay those people money. Ya, we don’t pay them money, who maintain the grass on the tomb? Govt ah? Go eat shit lah. So long as the grass is well maintained, what wrong with paying them the money? They did a good job and deserved to be paid.

Anyway, they are going to make us remove the tomb soon. New govt law, only can bury for 15 years, after that have to dig out for exhumation. My Grandma’s tomb has already passed 15 years, but I think they still clearing backlog. So I guess it will be a few more years before they start moving my Grandma’s tomb for cremation. What to do? Singapore not enough land already. (But got land to build golf course). OK lah, the good thing is, after cremation, the ashes will be placed inside a crematorium. At least we won’t get sunburn during Qing Ming.

We didn’t burn paper house or any fancy stuff during Qing Ming. Just the usual joss paper and some items like clothings, accessories and gold bar. There is even a passport. Errr… passport to go where huh? And their passport only valid 1 year, unlike Singapore’s passport valid for 5 years. Oh ya, there is even a credit card. Gold card somemore. Wondering if they have rewards points down there or not.

As we are burning the joss paper, I looked at the number of zero printed on the hell bank notes with great interest. I lost count of the number of zero actually. I think 1 piece of paper is actually 1 billion dollar. And we burning a lot of them. Not only us, but everyone burning lots of joss paper with incredible dollar values.

Sometimes I wonder how is the inflation downstair. How much does a plate of chicken rice cost downstair? 1 million? 10 million? Or even more?

Aiyo… better burn more….


  1. Hell got inflation one ah?

    And about the “Singapore not enough land, but got land to build golf course”

    Sigh. Depressing, yeah?

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